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Day 1: Thursday, April 9th 2020

Updated: Apr 9, 2020


I cannot guarantee this first post is going to be top notch quality as I try to figure out what exactly I want this to be. What I do know for sure is that today I finally verbalized to my husband that I was in a creative rut. I so rudely interrupted him working and sat my butt right down on the floor in our home office and promptly demanded, ‘Give me a pep talk’. I think he was quite taken aback that these words actually came out of my mouth since I typically NEVER ask for help (admittedly a problem I’ve had from a very young age). Working from home has brought up new life challenges (on top of all of the other challenges - seriously, has anyone found toilet paper yet?!) and today I feel like I finally face planted into my one-of-kind, built just for me, 10 foot tall brick wall built brick by brick of all of my struggles, worries and fears. My hope is that this outlet will help me tear down that wall and rebuild with bricks of positivity, goals and new projects for Jelly Press. Well, I hope that you get the drift of what I’m puttin’ down so let’s get into the meat and potatoes.


My brain in one word today: akhsdklfgjhlkjsdhf

Today I am: sitting under my pergola in the backyard

Current CNN headline: Parts of US could ease restrictions by summer

I am so spoiled to have the most amazing view of the Turnbull Bay preserve in my backyard - marsh grass as far as the eye can see with birds singing joyful songs of spring … BUT before I feel like I can look up and calmly enjoy this view, I have to face what is right in front of me - the chaotic mess of the supplies I have laid out to start this journey. How does the saying go? You must tackle what is in front of you first before you can see to the future - I don’t know - I tried googling it but nothing came up so maybe I’m just making this little ditty up in my head. My supplies have now traveled to my house from my studio in a white paper bag - just thrown in haphazardly in hopes that I would be so motivated to get painting again that they wouldn’t be in the bag long so it didn’t really matter how they were placed. Well, 1 week later after their involuntary quarantine in my car, they are finally strewn out in front of me. I guess this means it’s time to get started. It’s day one and I am not sure what I want to start working on but hey, at least my supplies are out and that's half of the battle.

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