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Day 7, Saturday, April 18th 2020

My brain today in one word: frazzled

Today I am: bouncing around the house

Current CNN news headline: This is where all 50 states stand on reopening

Every time we plan to leave the house I am always a bit frantic. Last minute things always seem to pile up and I of course always seem to add things to my plate before a trip. We are headed over to my best friend’s house for a long weekend to celebrate another year of Alonda! So exciting. But I totally slacked off yesterday as I was busy catching up on things with my other business and was just exhausted by the time 6.00pm rolled around.

I have had this illustration buzzing around in my head for the past couple days (well, since my major reflection on community). And I am hoping this illustration functions as a little bit of closure on the frustrations I have been feeling.

Saying ‘support local’ is such a simple phrase but I just couldn’t get out of my head what supporting local truly does mean to a small business owner. A single purchase can impact so many lives directly. For instance, when you buy a DeLand or NSB Vernacular shirt from The Florida Local right now ( $5 will go to various non-profit organizations. First life/lives impacted - you are helping service industry workers impacted by this pandemic and/or helping a small business keep their doors open in DeLand. Second life/lives impacted - you are helping The Florida Local keep the hopes and possibility of opening our doors again after this is all over as we collect our profit from the sale of the shirt. Third life/lives impacted, you are helping our small mom-and-pop t-shirt printer in Winter Park put food on their table and keep their business running. And then UPS driver and then the t-shirt maker and so on and so on. All with a single purchase of a $28 shirt.

For my visual learners out there, I wanted to offer this illustration showing the many lives you are touching when you shop small and support local.

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