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Day 5, Wednesday, April 15th 2020

My brain today in one word: normal…??

Today I am: sitting on our back screened porch listening to the rain (that we desperately need!) and feeling the cool breeze come in - so nice!

Current CNN news headline: New Yorkers must wear masks when unable to socially distance, Gov. Cuomo says

I am sorry to report that I think today will be a short entry. My brain has not been a flurry of mixed emotions but rather feels more like it’s normal self up there today. I don’t know about you guys but I think our house has finally found its rhythm these past few days. Now that I am focused and not buzzing around the house annoying my husband and the dog, things seem to be working (well, for today). My husband locks himself in the office and I dominate the rest of the house - ya know, just as it should be (I’m only kidding).

I saw a post yesterday from one of the many dog adoption pages I follow (yes, I am my own worst enemy and have no idea how we don’t have 100 dogs by now) and I thought ‘well that could apply directly to human life right now’. The post was about the 3/3/3 rule which gives insight into how long you should give a dog to adjust to its new life - 3 days to decompress, 3 weeks to learn your routine and 3 months to start feeling at home. My house has hit the 3 week mark and I believe we’ve finally made our routine. Woof woof.

My view for today is much as it has been for the past 3 days as I completely absorb/obsess over ‘Can We Go Outside?’. The chair at my dining table is now molding itself nicely to my gluteus maximus and the organized chaos of art supplies on the table makes sense only to me - just as it should be (I’m not kidding here). I have hit a minor road block though which is why I am taking a break to write this post. As I said yesterday, I am letting the story tell itself and in turn has flowed effortlessly out of my mind and into my paintbrush but today I am a wee bit stuck. What happens when Luke catches up with the cat? I know I want Luke to go meet the lurking gator in the pond but…what happens to the cat? I am perplexed. Stay tuned to find out how this great battle ends.

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