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The Tennesee flag and slogan were the foundation and inspiration for the Tennessee State screen print. When you hear the state slogan - 'America at its best' - some may think - well, that's a bold statement! But then your mind begins to wander to the crisp babbling streams at the foothills of the Appalachians and hiking through the unscathed nature, breathtaking waterfalls and wildlife of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park - and it's pretty clear how Tennessee earned this slogan. 


This screen print is packed with Tennessee symbolism. At the very heart of the print are the three stars of the Tennessee flag that represent the three 'grand divisions' of the state: the mountains of the East; the unique rolling hills and state capital of the Middle; and the fertile farmlands of the West. Scattered throughout the print you will find more Tennessee symbols including honeybees (state insect) buzzing around beautiful wild irises (state flower) that just so happen to have a small Northern Bobwhite (state bird) strutting through. Along the bank of the babbling river you will find a box turtle (state reptile) catching its daily vitamin D alongside the curious raccoon (state wild animal) that is without a doubt looking for its next meal (will it be lucky enough to catch that delicious trouth before the black bear? or will it have to settle for some common deerberries of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park?). And just one more! Did you know Tennessee actually has two state birds? Look closely and you might find the sneaky mockingbird enjoying the curiousities from above.


Jelly Press founder and illustrator, Chelsea Preston, grew up at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Some of her fondest childhood memories include colorful falls spent in cabins overlooking the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and fly fishing for trout in the Little Pigeon River. Each print is hand signed by Chelsea. 



- print measures 18"x24"

- 1 color screen print

- each print is signed by Jelly Press founder and illustrator, Chelsea Preston

- each print comes packaged in a tube mailer

Tennessee State Screen Print Poster

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