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Gainesville, Florida has some seriously unbelievable places to enjoy the outdoors and experience native Florida flora and fauna and one of those spots happens to be Sweetwater Wetlands Park. This City of Gainesville Park boasts 3.5 miles of gravel trails, boardwalks and lookouts for recreating and spotting the incredible wildlife that call this park home like the American alligator, great blue heron, osprey, anhinga, limpkin, purple gallinule, red-winged blackbird, and monarch butterflies (which just BARELY scratches the surface of this park's wildllife!). 


The Sweetwater Wetands Park project started in 2009 after a study showed that pollutant run off from this area of Gainesville was having an incredibly harmful affect on Paynes Prairie's Alachua Sink and Florida's aquifer. In hopes of reversing the affects, the 125 acres of wetlands and ponds that we now know at Sweetwater Wetlands Park were created. The park officially opened in 2015 and has grown to be quite the beloved nature preserve for Gainesville locals. 



- 4"x6" Postcard

Sweetwater Wetlands Postcard

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