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Need a solid day on the water doing all sorts of water activities like boating, fishing, kayaking, and swimming? Pack your cooler and head 29 miles west of Columbia, SC and discover a watery playground at Lake Murray. Lake Murray is a 48,000 acre reservoir that was created in the 1920s that includes a 1.6 mile dam which produces hydroelectric power for the bustling capital of Columbia. This lake has some pretty fascinating - like did you know there are building (and even cemetary!) remnants of actual towns under the depths of the lake? And within the boundaries of Lake Murray, you'll find Bomb Island (also Doolittle Island), aptly named as it was a practicing target site for B-25 bombers during WWII.


Today Lake Murray is a popular recreation destination for South Carolinians to cool off during the toasty southern summer months and maybe even cast a line in hopes of catching one of the lake's stocked fish including striper bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, crappie and catfish. OH! And just one more  cool thing about Lake Murray - be sure to schedule a trip to the lake during the first week of July through the end of August to see the skies over Bomb Island fill with over 1 million Purple Martins on their summer vacation. 



- sticker measures 2.62″ × 3.8″

- made of durable vinyl that can withstand rain and rays

- permanent adhesive backing


Sticker will begin shipping June 21st, 2024

Lake Murray South Carolina State Sticker

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