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Travel just 18 miles south west from Galveston's oh-so popular Pleasure Pier and you will find a perfectly preserved slice of coastal Texas paradise called Galveston Island State Park. This park offers incredible beach front access with some of THE coolest and most uniquely designed beach pavillions I've ever seen and make a short drive over to the bayside for trail access through the coastal prairie (side note: be sure to take the Eskimo Curlew Loop to see the bronze memorial statue of the extinct Eskimno Curlew (bird) which is part of sculpturist Todd McGrain's 'Lost Bird Project' which places bronze statues in the last seen location of the depictred extinct bird throughout North America).


ANOTHER super cool aspect of this park is their active effort to preserve and rehabilitate the critically endangered Kemp's Ridley (aka the ghost turtle) which is the smallest and rarest sea turtle in the world. In 2022, a Kemp's Ridley nest was found at Galveston Island State Park for the first time in 10 years - containing 107 eggs and in 2023 the park saw another nest of 84 eggs - two years in a row! That's egg-citing! 


And don't forget to bring your RV, camper or your handy dandy pop up tent and reserve either a beachfront or bayside camp site to make sure you enjoy all of the aspects of this fantastic Texas State Park.  



- 3.78" x 3.19" vinyl sticker

- made of durable vinyl that can withstand rain and rays

- permanent adhesive backing

Galveston Island Texas State Park Sticker

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