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Once of the most common misconceptions of Texas is that the Lone Star state is nothing but flat, dry desolate land - I am here to tell you, that is simply not the case! 96 miles north west of Austin, you'll find Enchanted Rock Texas State Park which offers stunning panoramic views of Texas' Hill Country at 1,825 elevation (that is, once you've hiked 0.8 of a mile at one seriously intense incline!). Enchanted Rock is a pink granite mountain that formed over one billion years ago when a large pool of magma was pushed up from 7 miles below the Earth's surface, cooled, and formed this unbelievably cool dome mountain. 


Enjoy hiking, climbing, bouldering, primitive camping (if you want to REALLY enjoy those incredible night sky views!) and spot some of central Texas' wildlife including fox squirrels, armadillos and white tailed deer. 



- 4″ × 2.36″ die cut vinyl sticker

- made of durable vinyl that can withstand the Florida rain and rays

- permanent adhesive backing

Enchanted Rock TX State Park Sticker

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