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Meet me in Cola! Columbia, SC is not only the capital of the Palmetto State but also home to deep early US history and a seemingly endless amounts of activities! Ok, but let's go back to the most curious thing about Columbia - its nickname of 'Soda City'. It actually has absolutely nothing with the bubbly beverage. Cola was an early adopted abbreviation of Columbia which just organically and lovingly led to locals calling their town 'Soda City'. And the rest is history! 


Now that we've got the elephant in the room out of the way, it's time to explore Columbia! From taking a tour of the historic capitol building (be on the lookout for the 6 bronze stars marking cannonball impact from the Civil War!) to a wild innertube ride down Saludo River in the heart of the city - there's a little something for every explorer in Columbia!



- sticker measures 3.72″ × 3.23″

- made of durable vinyl that can withstand rain and rays

- permanent adhesive backing


Sticker will begin shipping June 21st, 2024

Columbia 'Cola' South Carolina Sticker

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