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Follow the Buffalo Bayou waterway to the heart of downtown Houston and you will find 160 acres of pristine park! Buffalo Bayou has been an important gathering place to Houstonians since the early 1800s and continues to be a core gathering place thanks to the revitalization of Buffalo Bayou Park in 2011. Today you'll find the park filled with Houstonians enjoying the great outdoors through the park's incredible amenities like Johnny Steele Dog Park - sure to be any dog's favorite spot in the big city with it's swimming pond and 2 acres to romp around in - in addition to the skatepark; an incredible nature play area which includes a challending rock scramble; grab a bite to eat and overlook Lost Lake; and stay until dusk to watch the bat colony take flight - you can easily have the best day ever at Buffalo Bayou Park. 



- 2.74" × 3.73" vinyl sticker

- made of durable vinyl that can withstand rain and rays

- permanent adhesive backing

Buffalo Bayou Park Houston Sticker

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